ROUNDUP | My Favorite Crafts on Pinterest

Being a craftblogger doesn't necessarily mean that I don't enjoy making other peoples crafts. In fact, I am always so inspired by other craftbloggers, that I often 'forget' to start working on my own blog because I keep browsing the internet finding so many fun tutorials!

Pinterest is my favorite source of finding tutorials and it's always very interesting to see how many repines(how many times it has been shared) or likes a project receives. 

Today I would like to show you a few crafts that I found on Pinterest and that received many views and repins on my "Craft On" Pinterest page.

Happy crafting!

How cute are these ice cream cone elbow patches! by studioDIY

Send a hidden invitation on a balloon! So cute, with an interactive touch! by edytaszyszlo

One of my most favored tutorials is this up cycled vase tutorial. Just add a little bit of lace and spray paint and you have restyled your old vases! by lanaredstudio

Another cute balloon surprise! Perfect for wedding invitations, get well soon gifts and many more! by quietlikehorses

I love this simple and very cute idea by freepeople. To me, it's the perfect combo of organizing and decoration!

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Best Blogger Tips


Not many words are needed when explaining why I am inspired by the photographs made by Oleg Oprisco. They are just beautifully moving and detailed. 
They make me want to grab my camera and run away for a few days, to just take pictures and nothing else.

Have a wonderfully inspirational day!


RECIPE | Breakfast Smoothie

What you will be doing tomorrow morning? Well, making this amazing breakfast smoothie of course!

This smoothie has been my breakfast for the last few months and I just realized this morning that I never shared it with you! 
I am a very difficult eater, and for some reason everything that is considered 'healthy' tends not te be my favorite food. There is a very good reason why I only share baking recipes on this blog ;)

But only eating cookies and cake is not going to keep me very healthy, (or in my currant dress size) so my favorite solution is to just blend everything together! I did it with this pumpkin soup recipe, and today I am showing you my way of eating healthy in the morning.

Ingredients for 2 large smoothies:
- 1 Banana
- 1 1/2 cup of Frozen Fruit
- 1 cup of Oats
- 1 tablespoon of Linseed 
- 1 cup of Soy Milk
- 2 cups of Orange Juice

Just one step: Blend it!


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