PERSONAL | Up Up and Away

I am writing this post the day before I leave on my trip to Vietnam. I am so incredibly excited! Traveling is my favorite thing in the whole world (besides the kitties and the boyfriend of course) and I wish I could do it more often. At the same time, I am completely aware of how fortunate I am to be able to do this. There are many places that I have traveled to and I feel so lucky to have seen so many wonderful things!

I wish I could share the explorer in me with you and that everyone had the chance to travel and discover new places. Excitement often comes with awareness of how the world works and it can still be so unfair sometimes. 

But for now, lets now worry and just all dream about flying away with Nancy Sinatra in a hot air balloon:)

Have a lovely few weeks everyone! 

** I have so many fabulous DIY's planned and scheduled while I am away for you that will knock your socks off! So keep coming back to the blog these weeks!**

And don't forget to follow my adventure on Instagram!

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DIY | Temporary Art Tattoo

I guess I can safely say that this is my most favorite DIY so far! I have always loved tattoos especially the girly ones, and I do have a few (small ones). But it is still a very big step to get a (new) tattoo. So how excited was I, when I discovered that you can design and print your own temporary tattoos!
You can just change your look in minutes, and go back to your old self the next day!

I have been brainstorming so much on what I would like to have as a temporary tattoo, to show you how great this technique is. And I decided on using my most favorite inspirational archive: the Rijksmuseum website. I already used this source for my shoe restyle DIY a few months back, and I felt it would be perfect for this project as well. the Rijksmuseum is a museum in Amsterdam that also lets you explore their archives online and you can download the high ress images for free!

I went for a beautiful bouquet that I applied on my back. What kind of image would you choose and where would you wear it? Let me know!

How to make your own temporary art tattoo:

Tattoo Transfer Paper Pack (I bought mine at paperspecials) | Laser printer | Scissors

1. Decide your tattoo art and print it according to the instructions.
2. Apply the sticky transparent sheet over the printed images according to the paper instructions. If you still have some airbubbles between the sheets, use your finger or a small plastic card to rub them away.
3. Cut the shapes out of the paper.
4. Remove the top sticky part and apply the tattoo onto your body. Apply some water on the white surface until the hole surface is damp. Remove the white sheet.

** My experience is that the tattoo will stay on for quite a while, I showered with it (not rubbing on it) and it stayed on very well for about 5 days

All done!


DOUBLE FEATURE | Reloved Magazine

Hurray! Do I have some fun news for you! Reloved magazine didn't just featured one, but two of my tutorials in their christmas issue!!
It's out now, so hurry and get yourself a fabulous copy to get in the holiday spirit this weekend!

Have lovely friday everyone!

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