INSPIRATIONAL | Renata Morales

Today I am sharing the gorgeous pieces made by Renata Morales. Not only am I in love with the fabrics and designs, but the photography is what truly captures the movement and atmosphere of the pieces.
I came across her website while browsing the internet, looking for the person that made the fantastic outfits for one of my favorite bands, Arcade Fire. Guess who designes them? :)

It's always inspiring to me, when fashion, theatre, music, and photography combine their strengths and create these new art forms!

Have a lovely wednesday!

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OUTFIT | Summertime, Summertime

Finally! The summer has made it to Holland since last week! Which means that I have to hurry up and wear all of my summer dresses this month. For some reason, my closet consists of about 90% outfits that are meant to be worn in the summer and 10% worth of sweaters. 

And even though it often makes some creative statements during the winter, it is still nice to be wearing clothes that are actually made for the current season. 

I used to only wear dresses during the summer, because, well, my lower body is apparently just not build for shorts ;) But since the lovely designer people (whoever came up with it first) made jumpsuits popular again, I have found a new love!
They just seem to be made for everyone in any shape and size, because I have lent my other jumpsuit to some friends, and it looks great on all of them! Today I am wearing a colorful sunny summer one from Pepaloves.

I hope you have a lovely sunny monday!

Jumpsuit by Pepaloves | Shoes by Lana Red Studio for Mollie Makes

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FEATURE | Reloved Magazine

Yeay! Reloved Magazine just featured my Spoon Ring DIY in their latest issue! I am in love with their magazine, and very honored to be a part of this months issue!
Check it out here!

have a lovely sunny friday everyone!