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Vietnam here I come! I have never been this prepared in my life, and it is all thanks to writing this post!
I have been traveling as much as my wallet and time allows me to for the last few years. And because I am always on a tight budget it either involved me packing a hand luggage suitcase for a two week trip. Or stuffing a big backpack with all of my favorite dresses, for the backpacking travels. A few of my trips where to: Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, India and eastern Europe. 

You would think that packing would be easy right now, but that couldn't be more further from the truth. Because looking at the weather forecast for a country as Vietnam is extremely confusing. Everyone says something else and my conclusion is to be prepared for: rain, sun, typhoons, wind, cold and warm weather...
Yes, how convenient:)

So, it took me all of my effort, experience and a dive into my closet, but I finally have the ultimate packing list ready for you! Want to know what to pack to a warm country with limited luggage space? 
Ready? Here it comes!

(** this is the fashion version of my packing list, for the accessories & gears list check out the blog next week!)


Long Skirt | Kimono | Pants | Dress | Playsuit

I have been reading a lot of blogs and websites on what the most essential things to bring are according to them. I must say, I disagree with most of them. Kaki shorts and grey long sleeved blouses are practical, but in my opinion not necessary at all. Colors are not banned in other countries and unless you go on long hiking trips, you can also be very satisfied with a long flowy skirt instead of zip-off pants.
Besides the usual tees, socks and underwear, there are these 5 things that will always be in my backpack. 

 K I M O N O

Kimono by Lana Red Studio | Dress by H&M | Bathingsuit is Vintage | Shoes by Pieces
This is my all time favorite! And the best news? I made a tutorial about it, and it will be on the LRS blog very soon! 
You can wear it as a vest for warmth, to cover yourself up when visiting temples, etc, as a beach kimono for style and in warmer climates to cover yourself up when riding on a sleeper train when you have to use the restroom, but don't want to get dressed.


Dress by Chicwish | Sweater by Lana red Studio
In a warmer climate, I often prefer dresses over shorts, because it's more breezy and you look less touristy. Sometimes I feel a little bit overdressed, because I tend to bring my fancy dresses, but on the other hand: how often do you look fabulous in Vietnam? (as a side note, maybe bring some shorts, if your dress is a bit short or if you are visiting a windy area;))

 P A N T S

Pants by H&M | Sweater by Lana Red Studio | Blouse by H&M | Top is Vintage
Long trousers are definite must. Wether it's colder or you are going on a hike, it's better to wear long pants, to keep those mosquitos away from your newly tanned legs.


Skirt by Forever21 | Top is Vintage | Kimono by Lana Red Studio
Long skirts are the best! They are girly, yet practical and always look good! You can wear leggings underneath when it gets cold at night and you never have to worry about breaking dress codes when traveling in another country.

 P L A Y S U I T

Kimono by Lana Red Studio | Playsuit by Primark | Blouse by H&M
And then there is the playsuit. Practical in every way, except one: going to the restroom is a bit of a challenge... But I find them very comfortable and perfect for every occasion.

 B A C K P A C K *F A S H I O N *C H O I C E S

Obviously those 5 things are not the only things to bring. Everything you see above can be mixed and matched with your basics. To make it easy for you, here's a list of my packing items:
  • Bathing suit
  •  bikini
  • Sweater
  • Shorts
  • Playsuit
  • Skirt
  • Dress x2
  • Kimono
  • Short sleeved blouse
  • Top x3
  • Long beach dress
  • Slippers
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Scarf

Not included in the list is underwear (because some things are maybe best to stay private;) and towels. 
Hopefully this list will make your packing days a little bit easier. Writing this post certainly helped me to make packing more fun! Be on the lookout for my accesories and gears list this week, to complete your backpack packing!


Best Blogger Tips

PERSONAL | Going To Vietnam

Guess what? I am going to Vietnam! 
I just booked my ticket last week and will be exploring the beautiful country for about three weeks! I am so excited! And the best part? I am leaving very soon! 

Don't worry I am not trying to make you too jealous, because there will be a lot of handy projects on the blog before I go:
- Because packing a backpack is a true skill that I am proud to say: excel in! 
- And you will never catch me wearing one of those hideous practical oversized fleece sweaters, so I decided to make one myself (in a bold print, obviously)

Be on the lookout for new projects and overly excited Vietnam posts this week on Lana Red Studio! 

Have a lovely day everyone!

DIY | Wall Shelf Restyle For Less Than 50 Euros

How about a complete wall restyle for less than 50 euros? Yes! But how, with less than 50 euros you ask? The best combo: Ikea and some serious thrifting!

I promised my sister to restyle her wall as a birthday present. We painted her wall a while ago, and she wanted a different look in her living room. the only demand was that she could personalize it and add or remove items to create different looks.

We decided to use picture frame shelves, because they are just the best! I never used them before, but I always love the look and it's most of all perfect when you want a less permanent option. Because you can do endless variations with things to put on the shelves! 

After deciding this, I realized that tools are heavy and me and my sister don't live very close to each other, (and I don't own a car) enters: Dad. I don't know anyone that has more handy tools than him and always a plus: he can't sit still. So when I asked him to borrow some tools, I eventually got a lot of help with this tutorial from him!

Here's how:

- Picture frame shelves (I bought mine at Ikea)
- Tape
- Level 
- (Hammer) Drill (depending on your wall)
- Screws (and plugs)

- Picture frames (I mixed cheap Ikea frames, with frames that I found at thrift stores)
- Paint
- Accessories

1. Use the tape to decide where the shelves will be placed. If you only have cheap tape laying around (like I did) Than make it a bit less sticky by pressing your hand or some fabric over the sticky part. This will make it less sticky and ensures that it doesn't damage your wall.
2. Once you decided on the right spot, use your level to see if the tape is level. If not, replace the tape to make it level.
3. If you have a sturdy wall like this one, than only screws won't do the trick. You will need to use a hammer drill. Make sure that the plugs, screws and drill are all the same size! Place the shelf over the tape and use a pencil to mark the screwholes. (place the level on the shelf, for an extra check to make sure it's level) Use your hammer drill to drill the holes.
4. Place the plugs into the holes. Next, have someone hold the shelf and use the screws to secure it to the wall.

The hard part is over! Now take a short break, you deserved it!                     >>Next up: decorating<<

As you can see, it requires some team effort.

And some serious difficult shelf holding;)

5. Look how pretty your new shelves are!
6. Collect all of your frames and place them on the shelves. Mix and match a little and decide the perfect display. Tak a picture to help remind you of how you placed them.
7. Choose the frames that you want to restyle. Do you want to paint them all in the same color? Or go bold and try a mixture of colors!
Because I used a mixture of frames, I wanted to keep the overall look stylish. Different frame-styles and colors can make it look a bit crowded and because the wall is already in a dark color, I wanted to keep the look more fresh and light. So I decided to paint the darker frames in light colors: pink, white and grey.
8. Some frames may need a few layers of paint, let the paint dry in between layers. After all the frames dried, place them back on the shelves and use your prettiest pictures or accesories in the frames!

Try to think outside of the box when decorating the shelves and look for different items to place in the frames. This can be anything: cute notes, concert tickets, a book print DIY or just a very cool shirt! 

Not enough frames? Use different items to place on the shelve. I found this piece of cardboard and displayed a necklace to add a bit of color to the total look.

Photography by: Barbara & Lana
Handy help by: Dad

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