DIY | From Blanket to Fleece Sweater

There is one thing that annoys me the most while preparing for traveling or dressing for a long walk, and that is the look of fleece sweaters. They are oh so practical being lightweight and warm, but it seems like there are not many designers that bothered to update the look of them (at least not in Dutch stores), leaving the well known sweaters to still look shapeless, colorless and most of all just dull. (but that's just my opinion;)

It was time to take control and stop wining every time I needed one and ended up spending money on something I didn't even like, just because it was "practical". It was time to make one myself!

And on a budget of course!

Where to find cheap fleece fabric? Apparently not on the market (they all know it's getting colder and there is more demand for it). The perfect solution? A blanket! They sell them everywhere, and they come in so many colors and prints! I chose a pink and red one to really make a color statement. The outside fabric of my project is not a fleece fabric, because I really liked the orange fabric that I still had laying around, and that is the best part of this project! You can mix and match fabrics and colors and still be warm!

Here's how:

Fleece Blanket | Fabric for the outside | Long Zipper | Scissors | Sewing Machine | Pins | Sweater In Your Size

2. Fold both the blanket as the fabric double and place them on top of each other.
3. Place your sweater on top of the fabrics. And decide how long the sweater will be placing the zipper onto the fabric. (be aware that your zipper will stick out of the neckline to attach the collar!
4. Fold the sleeves of your sweater inside, to clearly see the contour/pattern of your sweater. Cut along the sweater with an extra 1.5 cm.
5. Place the sleeve of your sweater on the fabrics. (make sure that both of the fabrics are still folded and on top of each other.
6. Cut around the sleeve with and extra 1.5cm. Your fabric should look like this (see image).
7. Take one fleece fleece part and one outside fabric part of the body. Place them on top of each other with the fleece on top. Fold the fabrics vertically.
8. Cut along the fold.
9. You will now have 1 fleece and 1 outside fabric of the full body(the back). And 2 fleece and 2 outside fabric parts of the front. 
10. Place the full body fleece part on a flat surface. Place the outside fabric full part on top of it. Place the front outside fabric parts on top of the back. And finish with the fleece front parts. (see image).
Sew along the side and shoulder lines, with a 1cm border.

Wow! You did very well! Now get ready for part 2!!

1. Put the sweater on (inside out) or use an adjustable mannequin in your size. Pin the front with a 1 cm border. Now model your sweater. I took it a bit in at the sides to create a waist. And a bit at the front. **If you are not sure how to do this, I am sure that you have a piece of clothing in your closet that has seams like this, just copy that.
2. Your sweater should look likes this. Now on to the sleeves.
3. Place the fleece sleeve pieces on top of each other. Place the outside fabric pieces in between. Sew along the left and right side with a 1cm border.
4. Pin the sleeve onto the sweater and stitch it together. Repeat with the other sleeve.
5. Check you sweater and try it on. see if it's comfortable and if the sleeves are fitted right at the shoulders.
6. Place your sweater right side out on a flat surface. Place the zipper on the sweater with the bottom alining with the zipper. Measure how much zipper is left at the top. 
Place 1 piece of fleece and one piece of outside fabric on top of each other and fold it once. Cut the folded fabric in the size of the leftover zipper +1cm.
7. Pin the collar onto the neckline of the sweater and sticht it together.
8. Pin the zipper onto the front of the sweater and stitch it together. Hem the bottom and the sleeves.

All done!

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DIY | Canvas Headboard

This tutorial is perfect for everyone that always wanted a headboard behind their bed, but never had the right tools or skills for it! 

I always see a lot of fabulous headboard DIY's but they always involve heavy machinery or at least a car to collect all the materials. Since I don't own a car and don't always fancy carrying around heavy wooden boards, I discovered this way completely by accident. 
I was walking around a cheap crafts store when I saw these cheap big canvases for painting. And than it just hit me: two of them combined make the perfect sized headboard!

The canvases are extremely lightweight (maybe a bit big, but I had no trouble carrying them), cheap, two of them side by side are the exact size of my bed and they are long enough to stand on the floor behind my bed! How perfect is that! 
Combined with an old bed throw and two cheap Ikea blankets for the filling, you can make a stylish headboard in less than an hour!

And the best part: you can change the fabric as often as you wish, I have this headboard for over a year now, and I used this tutorial as an opportunity to change the fabric. It used to be an off white fabric, but I was feeling a little bit bolder today and embraced prints! Let your imagination go wild!

Let's start!

2 Canvas paintingboards (the size depends on the size of your bed) | Fabric | 1 or 2 cheap Ikea blankets | Nailgun & Nails (or small nails and a hammer)

1. Spread the blankets out on a flat surface. place the canvases face down on top of the blankets.
2. Attach the blankets to the canvases with your nail gun or hammer by folding the edge of the blanket around the canvas. 
Start with one nail in the middle part of the top and the middle part of the sides, and work your way inwards, while pulling tightly on the blankets.
3. Place the fabric face down on a flat surface. Place the canvases with the blankets face down on top. Attach the fabric to the canvases with your nail gun or hammer by folding the edge of the blanket around the canvas. Start with the top: Place one nail in the middle, pull tightly to the right and place one nail on the right corner. Repeat on the left side.
4. Fold the left side of the blanket around the canvas and attach it to the canvas. Repeat this on the right side.
5. Use your nail gun to secure the two canvasses together if necessary.
6. **optional: Create a more finished look, using buttons.

All done!

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INSPIRATIONAL DIY | Birdview Photography

Image one day, just a regular day when you realize that your house has slowly turned messy again. And once you start noticing clutter in one room, your view changes and suddenly there is clutter everywhere!
What to do? Clean up? Hmm, not in the mood. Use it for a project? Ok!

Because "bird view photography"(camera straight above the subject) has been quite a hype for a while now, and I must admit that I have used it frequently for some of my posts and instagram-photos. But never have I used it to capture the things that I should have been cleaning up.

I remember hearing once that everything in your house should have it's own place, or else your house will turn messy. So I decided to capture some items that don't have a place of it's own and for some reason always wonder around the house. Beware, this is just a very short list of the things I should be cleaning up right now, but I tried to use some different items to show you how good everything can look, while captured in bird view. 

Hopefully these photos will inspire you to see the beauty in your usual cluttery rooms, and just remember: it's not messy, it's art! ;)

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