PERSONAL | Lana In Greece

Today I am sharing my recent trip to Greece with you! 

I already showed you a sneak peek into my vacation pics the other day, in my recent outfit post. But now I selected a few of my favorite pictures that I took while in Greece.

Me and my boyfriend went to the beautiful island Corfu and just fell in love with it! It was so peaceful and pretty, and the entire island smells like flowers (really!)

We stayed in a wonderful apartment and woke up every morning with an ocean view! We hiked, read books on the beach, cuddled with the dog, and just really tried to soak all the fantastic views in. Because I have never been to a place that has so many varying lookout points!

Now before I truly start to sound like a travel agent working for Greece :) , I do want to give a special mention to the place that we stayed in. Because we just booked it online not knowing what to expect, but it was the most wonderful experience! We stayed at Felicita-Balis in a very affordable apartment and the owner, Felicia is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She prepared us some food because we arrived so late without us even asking for it, and she was the best host you could ever wish for! So everyone go to Corfu because it's the best! And when you go, please take me with you;)

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INSTAGRAM | March/April Roundup

These last months have been crazy! But definitely a good kind of crazy! And instead of writing a long story about my past few months, I thought why not just show it to you! So here are some of my favorite Instagram moments. 


As you probably know, I'm still in school studying for my bachelor in theatre design. And time goes by so fast, because I am planning to graduate this June! Which means lots and lots of fun but hard work for my finals! (my last trip to NYC was also part of my graduation research)  


I also went to Greece last week, to spend some time with my boyfriend between the hectic months that we both seem to experience. It was wonderful! And I will be sharing the rest of my holiday pics with you very soon! I had never been to Greece and it is such a beautiful country and the people where so kind!


Now that I don't have any classes at school anymore, I love to work at home. It has been a while since  I stayed at home this much and I find it perfect! Because when I get a little tired of working on something for school, I just do and make fun things for this blog! Or as you can see by the images above, I procrastinate doing anything important and start redecorating my living room:) What do you think of the black door? It took me ages to get the nerves to paint it black!


And than there's the LRS blog, which is my dream job and I wish I had the time to work on it all day every day to treat you to new crafts, recipes and outfit posts! I celebrated the 2 year anniversary of the LRS blog last week with a delicious piece of pie and that made me think of the next 2 years and what I will be doing then. But to be completely honest, things are pretty much perfect right now:)

Thank you for reading this and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!Love Lana

Curious to see more behind the scenes Lana Red Studio images? Follow me on Instagram!

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OUTFIT | Roses Are Red, Jumpsuits Are Blue

I have two new loves in my live that I really need to share with you: Greece and this Blue Jumpsuit

Last week I went to Greece to take a short break from school and to clear my mind to make room for new ideas, and it was wonderful! The weather was the perfect temperature and the people where extremely friendly. But more about this in a few days when I show more of my vacation pics.

Because, while I was in Greece I also took the oppertunity to shoot a new outfit post! I just received this gorgeous jumpsuit before I left and it was as if it was made for this trip! The blue matched perfectly with the cute painted houses and it was extremely comfortable to hike in.

Here's more of the outfit (It was just so pretty there, I took a million pictures and couldn't decide on which ones to show you, so this might be a pic overload, sorry ;))

Jumpsuit by WalG | Shoes by Dolcis | Socks by FlyingTiger